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City of Delta fines Surrey resident for illegal dumping

City warns those thinking about travelling to Delta to dump their garbage by the side of the road or someone’s private property to think otherwise
illegal dumping in the city of delta, bc
Delta’s bylaw department notes the city will issue fines to those found dumping and will pursue payment through a collection agency if unpaid.

The City of Delta this week was able to track down and handed out a fine to the person who reportedly dumped their garbage by the side of a rural East Ladner Road.

The city posted a photo on social media of an unsightly pile of trash on 88th Street, a mix of household and other garbage, with a message that the person was located.

The posts were a warning for those who don’t want to go through the time and expense to dispose their trash properly.

Kaare Coupar, assistant manager of property use and compliance, told the Optimist the garbage, dumped on a private farm road on April 1, contained written correspondence.

It was that correspondence that enabled bylaws staff to identify the person responsible and they attended that person’s house in Surrey to issue a $500 fine.

That person will also be billed for the clean-up.

Coupar said the illegal dumping of trash, as well as items like old mattresses and sofas, is an ongoing problem throughout Metro Vancouver, but it can be especially problematic in rural areas of East Delta where people are dumping their trash by the side of the road in quiet, dark areas with little traffic.

The city is looking at ways to further help curb the problem, added Coupar.