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Delta approves Telus tower on farmland

Applicant and property owner explored several locations on the farm for a tower
Telus tower in Delta
Telecommunications infrastructure, if consistent with Delta's policy, can assist in improving network services and providing residents with more dependable service, the Delta report notes.

Delta council recently gave its blessing for a proposed Telus telecommunications tower in a rural part of town.

The 100-foot monopole tower will be located in the southwest corner of 3020 41B Street, part of a larger farm site operated by Felix Farms Ltd.

A staff report notes the agricultural site contains the Guichon Residence and Barn which are listed on Delta's Rural Heritage Inventory and would be retained.

The property is surrounded by agricultural land to the north and is immediately adjacent to Tsawwassen First Nation lands to the south, east and west.

Amazon’s warehouse is located to the southwest.

Industry Canada's requirements stipulate that proponents of new telecommunications infrastructure must obtain concurrence from the municipality and follow its public consultation requirements.

Council in 2011 approved a new telecommunications policy for the city which states that structures should be sited outside of agricultural areas or placed to minimize impacts to the land area.

The report, however, notes that by siting the tower on the periphery of the site and utilizing an existing access, the impact to the existing agricultural use of the property is anticipated to be minimal.

The monopole design is also preferred as visual impacts from the street would minimal.

The report also notes cellular and Internet service in South Delta, particularly rural areas, can be of “variable reliability.”