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Delta coming up with new position to alleviate lifeguard crunch

Communities across the country continue to be impacted by a shortage of qualified aquatics staff
The new Delta position is predominantly an in-water role.

The City of Delta is trying to help solve its shortage of lifeguards with an innovative solution.

The city this week announced that the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is creating a new Aquatic Instructor position to service the community’s growing need for swim activities.

The position is predominantly an in-water role that will give successful candidates teaching and play-leading experience while they seek to complete the remainder of their lifeguarding awards, the city explained in a news release.

It is an effort to facilitate new entrants into the aquatics industry. The position is to eliminate some early barriers into becoming a fully-fledged lifeguard, while also elevating those who have a passion for education and water safety.

“As communities across the country continue to be impacted by a shortage of qualified aquatics staff, the City of Delta has created this innovative position to bridge the gap between new swim instructors and future lifeguards,” the city notes

“Individuals who are at least 16 years of age and have completed their Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and/or the Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor certification are invited to apply for this new role.”

This city this summer issued an advisory that due to staffing shortages, capacity at the Ladner Outdoor Pool had to be reduced and the pool at the Ladner Leisure Centre had to close earlier on Sundays.

City staff had been adjusting and modifying work schedules to keep both swim lessons and hours of operation, all due to the shortage of available qualified lifeguards.

Delta is not alone in the lifeguarding situation as it is both a regional and national issue.

Delta had been promoting hiring lifeguards through its website, social media and message board since 2021 with some success, while also pursuing other concepts to encourage those interested in lifeguarding to become certified.

Learn more about the Aquatic Instructor position, call 604-946-3293 or e-mail