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Delta firefighters' snack program continues to grow

The program is all helping provide kids good nutrition which is important for learning and development
Pictured left to right: Josh Clarke, Kristy Storey, Warren Balzer and John Burr with the Delta Firefighters' Charitable Society.

It was another milestone moment for the Delta Firefighters’ Charitable Society’s Healthy Snack Program.

Firefighters and volunteers were on hand at Fire Hall No. 3 in North Delta on Tuesday to receive another big shipment of snacks for local school kids as well as present a cheque for $30,000 for the program.

It’s the third year of the program and the third straight year it received that sum from firefighters.

The Healthy Snack Program, created in cooperation with the Delta School District, sees the society purchase, organize and deliver snacks to designated schools.

Funding for the program comes directly from Delta firefighters pay cheques as the society has a strong member payroll deduction program in which more than 90 per per cent of the members donate every pay period. 

The program initially started six North Delta schools, but now it has expanded quickly to more than 30 schools throughout the city.

According to the charitable society, they understand how important good nutrition is to learning and development. There was a great need for the program before the pandemic began, but other factors have amplified the number of children in need of nutritional support.

The charitable society was created and authorized in September 1994.

Having supported a wide variety of causes, the registered charitable organization is fully-run and organized by firefighters who donate their time to assist fundraising efforts throughout the Delta community.