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Delta man attempting to expose truth behind RFK assassination

Tsawwassen’s John Meier has made multitude attempts to expose the truth
John Meier at his home in Delta meeting with political icon RFK Jr. to discuss the RFK Assassination.

Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) was assassinated in 1968 after announcing his candidacy for the presidency of the United States and Tsawwassen’s John Meier has made multitude attempts to expose the truth behind the Assassination.

Meier, a former U.S. Senate Candidate, was advising RFK at the time of his Assassination and Kennedy’s son, RFK Jr., recently met with Meier at his home in Delta to discuss the Assassination. Meier is a long-term resident of Delta, having moved there in 1972.

The FBI reported Meier was “the number one aide to Howard Hughes from the mid-1960’s to the early 1970’s.” Meier exposed the CIA’s connection with the Hughes Organization, which he says was involved with the Assassination including its Nevada Operations Chief Robert Maheu who was a CIA agent.

Although Sirhan Sirhan fired shots at RFK and was convicted of his murder, there are many people, including RFK Jr., who believe security guard Thane Eugene Cesar was the actual murderer and Meier revealed Cesar’s connection to Maheu.

Meier released his materials to Sirhan’s lawyer Larry Teeter, but Teeter died soon after, and Meier’s lawyer was notified there had been a burglary at Teeter’s home and that records were stolen.

The US Government recently declassified 700 documents on Meier’s dealings with domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, Watergate, Hughes, etc. The FBI admitted they destroyed some of them and Meier is concerned those might be related to RFK based on their dates. When Meier asked what was in them, the FBI said they don’t know and they refused to say why they were destroyed.

The FBI refused to declassify more documents, but Meier was successful in appealing the decision with the DOJ who instructed the FBI to release them, which will be by 2025.

Meier released his diary notes regarding the Assassination in the book Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes.

Lisa Pease wrote A Lie Too Big to Fail, which further details Meier’s revelations.

“John Meier’s information about Robert Maheu’s role was stunning and fit the rest of the information I was learning regarding the crime and the cover-up,” said Pease.

Meier is a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, which aims to bring out the facts of the Assassination. Committee members include Oliver Stone, Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, RFK Jr., and Daniel Ellsberg.

RFK Jr. has been trying to get Sirhan released from prison and Sirhan was recently found suitable for parole, but Governor Newsom denied his parole, so the parole board will hold another hearing within 18 months. 

Meier is 88 years old and although his health has greatly declined, he continues to fight to get the truth out, which he believes also relates to other assassinations including JFK.

“I feel people deserve to know the truth about the assassinations that forever had an impact on the world, regardless of how hard that truth might be to hear,” he said.

Any updates on Meier’s efforts will be on