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Delta Pride Society condemns “hate crime” at Mission school

Drive-by car rally was held on Sunday in support of the victim
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The Delta Pride Society has spoken out to support a 14-year-old transgender student who was bullied and beaten last week at her school in Mission, resulting in the arrests of her two attackers.

The incident was caught on film as the victim was horrifically kicked and punched by two classmates while onlookers encouraged the attack and added verbal insults. The attackers, both female, are not allowed back in school and to have no contact with the victim. They are expected to make court appearances in March. The assault reportedly came after months of bullying.

“(We) were dismayed to learn of a horrific incident of bullying of a Mission LGBTQ teen,” the Delta Pride Society said in a written statement. “The Delta Pride Society condemns this act of hate and calls for it to be classed as what it was: a hate crime. We call on the Mission RCMP and (Mission School District) Superintendent (Angus) Wilson to continue their investigation of the bystanders who incited and encouraged the assault on this youth; and for Superintendent Wilson commit to - not just look into - additional staffing and mental health supports, and to ensure that this youth is able “to be safe and welcomed at school.

“The Delta Pride Society Board of Directors wants all Delta LGBTQ youth in our own community to know that you are loved and worthy just as you are right now. You are absolutely worthy of respect, of a safe and welcoming school and community environment. We support you and we are with you.”

On Sunday, a large drive-by car rally was held at the Mission Raceway in support of the victim.