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Delta roadway to be named after B.C.'s official bird

The new road name does not conflict with the other existing road names in Delta, according to city development staff
Steller’s Jays are large songbirds. Veronoka_Andrews/Pixabay

A new Tsawwassen roadway will be named after B.C.’s official bird.

Council recently approved a recommendation that a cul-de-sac that is proposed for a new residential development be named Steller’s Jay Place.

The roadway would be located north of 12 Avenue, west of 52 Street, south of WinskiII Drive, east of Cliff Drive, Cliff Drive Elementary School and Brandrith Park.

In 1987, the Steller’s Jay was voted the most popular bird in B.C. and became the province’s official bird.

It has vibrant blue and black colours and is described as lively, smart and cheeky, a staff report notes, adding it can be found in Delta and throughout the province.

Existing names in the Stahaken-Brandrith Park area include Skana, Belair, Camara, Kadota, Walalee, Stahaken, Ehkolie, Pacific, Bayview, Cliff, Upland, Bayview, Gale, Chahalis, and Winskill.

Council, following a recent public hearing, gave third reading for an application that will see three, single-family lots, split into 10 lots.

Located at 5121, 5135 and 5149 12 Ave., each lot will contain a new, single-detached residential dwelling with an in-ground basement and a secondary suite.

The development includes a new public road, but concerns were raised at a public hearing in 2022 that the public road would connect directly with Winskill Drive.

Following that earlier hearing, staff worked with the applicant to amend the plan to ensure the roadways would not connect.