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Delta school district 'disgusted' by racist graffiti at elementary school

The Delta school district says it talks to students about the negative impacts of graffiti and vandalism
delta bc canada school district
Val Windsor says such senseless acts detract from the many achievements of Delta’s students and staff.

The Delta school district acted quickly to cover up racist graffiti discovered this morning (April 1) at a local elementary school.

“We are horrified and disgusted by this senseless and hurtful graffiti, and we are now working with the Delta police to investigate the matter further,” said Delta school board chair Val Windsor regarding the vandalism at Heath Elementary on 72nd Avenue in North Delta.

“There is no place for racism in our schools. Over the last year, the Delta School District has been enhancing its anti-racism resources to help staff address racism and talk to students about the urgent need for people of colour and diverse ethnicity to be treated equitably. We encourage parents/guardians to talk to their children about the need to respect each other's differences, stand up for one another and choose kindness always.”

The school district in the statement also noted it’s talking to students about the negative impacts of graffiti and vandalism.

The time needed to report, clean up and investigate the graffiti distracts school administrators, maintenance teams and the Delta police from more important matters, the district notes.

Delta North MLA Ravi Kahlon took to Twitter Thursday morning describing the incident as 'absolutely infuriating'.

Anyone with information about this or other incidents of graffiti should contact the Delta police at 604-946-4411.