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Delta throwback: A debate over hair colour

The board was responding to the Ministry of Education’s idea of districts issuing guidance booklets for parents
School Board chairperson Jo Booker (right) with Delta Teachers’ Association President Doug Neale in 1980.

Let’s head back to life in the Delta School District in 1980.

One of the more curious things that took place was during a board meeting in the March of that year, when trustees discussed whether a trustee should reveal their true hair colour. Yes, really.

It was reported in the Optimist that the board was considering the possibility of a guidance booklet for parents, trustee Derek McKeever suggested a picture of the chairperson, Jo Booker, should appear on the front cover.

“Perhaps without grey hairs showing?” she asked.

“We must have complete honesty,” responded trustee Muriel Tanner.

“You can always use Grecian 2000,” said McKeever.

“Well, it seems to have worked well on you, Derek,” responded Booker.

The trustees, at least, agreed they did not support the idea of a booklet.