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Delta throwback: An egg fight

Hundreds of kids turned out to throw eggs, plaster shaving cream and push people into puddles
Delta recreation director Gerry Salisbury was at Paterson Park on Halloween 1969, getting egged along with everyone else. Delta Optimist file

It was organized mayhem to keep most kids in Ladner in one place at Paterson Park on Halloween Night 1969.

The Optimist reported that hundreds of youths attended a party to see the John D Smith Band from Toronto perform with a light show, following a massive egg fight with many also covered in shaving cream and water.

There were even old cars available for kids to smash.

“All-in-all, the entire night was a success and Ladner came out clean,” the Optimist reported.

It was also reported that Tsawwassen didn’t come out so lucky with incidents of vandalism including broken windows at the Tsawwassen Drive-In. Several arrests were also made for unlawful assembly.