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Delta throwback: Club going strong

The club changed its name a few years ago but its purpose remains the same
evergreen garden club 1965
The SDGC says its purpose β€˜is to promote the love of gardening, to protection and conservation of native trees, plants, and wildlife, and to work for the beautification of South Delta.’

Let’s go back to the April 1965 pages of the Optimist to see members of the Evergreen Garden Club getting displays ready for the club’s spring show held at Ladner United Church.

Pictured left to right were Mrs. Norris Taylor, Mrs. George Massey and Mrs. Harry Mole.

Daffodils of many different varieties and artistic flower arrangements dominated the exhibits that year.

The club formed in 1952, when Zoe Dennison and Gladys Evans envisioned a club whose primary goal was the sharing of knowledge to further horticultural interests in the home and community.

In 2016, after 64 years as the Evergreen Garden Club, members voted to change the club's name to the South Delta Garden Club.

The club at the time said that the new name was chosen to conform to current typical naming protocol for garden clubs and to accommodate productive Internet searches, something the founding members could not have envisioned.

Among other activities, the club maintains three public gardens to showcase its efforts, with members volunteering their time and plants.