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Delta throwback: Fishing boat makes an unexpected catch

Anchor believed to be 100 years old
1969 photo of doug massey checking out a century-old anchor discovered
Massey’s Machine Shop owner Doug Massey checks out a century-old old, rust-caked anchor found by a local fishing vessel.

Let’s go back to the March 1969 pages of the Delta Optimist, this time to check out a front page story of an unexpected catch by a local fishing vessel.

The Heather Isles fishing out of Ladner found an anchor believed to be around 100 years old.

The anchor was “caught” in Trincomali Channel where a huge cargo ship was reported to have sunk a century earlier.

The Gulf Island waters contain several large ship wrecks from that time period.

The anchor, seen here being checked out by Doug Massey, was offered to the Delta Historical Society.