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Delta throwback: Keeping back all that water

Delta has had more than its fair share of flooding events throughout its history
delta bc flooding 1935
A 1935 photograph of a car and its driver stuck in the water on a flooded Kittson Road in East Delta, which is now called 104 Street.

Let’s take a step back to the 1930s to see this unlucky driver stuck on an East Delta roadway during one of the many floods the municipality experienced at that time.

Localized flooding was a fact of life.

The region had also been hit with several big flood events with the biggest occurring in 1894 and 1948.

The City of Delta in more recent decades has been involved in numerous studies and undertaken various flood mitigation projects, including seeking long-term senior government funding for much-needed dike upgrades.

Just one recent example is the cost-share Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund, where the city is seeking dollars for the design and construction of Ladner Village Flood Protection Project.

The total estimated cost of that project is about $19 million and includes dike upgrades, Chisholm Street upgrades and local pump station upgrades. Delta’s share would be close to $12 million.

The city has been working on a flood management strategy for the River Road West area.

Given the costly nature of that project, significant federal and provincial funding assistance will be required to move the final design forward, according to the city, which notes it is important to have a design ready, should funding become available.

Meanwhile, the Fraser Basin Council continues to work on its Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy.

The final document is to contain a series of recommendations to government to address two significant flood hazards. The first is Fraser River flooding, while the second is coastal flooding as a result of storm surges and high ocean water levels.

The strategy, however, does not address localized flooding.