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Delta throwback: A tuberculosis check

Everyone at the municipal council meeting, including the photographer and reporter with the Optimist, received their tests
tb operation doorstep 1961 delta municipal hall
Councillor Murray Davie bared his arm for a skin test given by nurse Jean Staniland. Others lining up were Councillor Carl Liden, clerk Bill Long, Reeve Clarence Taylor, deputy clerk Ernie Webster and Councillors H.K Thomas and Harold Savage.

They lined up for a free skin test as part of TB Operation Doorstep.

At a municipal council meeting on Jan. 14, 1961, members of Delta Council, as well as staff and members of the media, participated in the tuberculosis check.

Don Geekie, director of the project, spoke to council on the need for 100 per cent participation.

Council promised to aid Operation Doorstep in every way, including permission for the mobile clinics to park anywhere while block-to-block chest and skin tests were made.

Geekie said that if a red bump appeared in 48 hours, the test showed a positive reaction and a chest X-ray would be taken.

He stressed the fact there was no need for alarm if the test was positive, as a person may not necessarily be suffering from TB but had been in contact with the virus.