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Delta throwback: Kiniski comes to town

Gene Kiniski had a long career wrestling around the world
gene kiniski 1969
The 272-pound Gene Kiniski wrestled at DSS in 1969.

Let’s head back to the March 1969 pages of the Optimist where a story ran on popular professional wrestler Gene Kiniski set to have a bout at Delta Secondary School.

The former world heavyweight wrestling champion was to take on Dean Higuchi of Hawaii.

Some of the other bouts planned by the DSS student council sponsored event included Dutch Savage versus Steve Bolus.

Kiniski, who in his earlier days played football for the Edmonton Eskimos, had a long and storied career on the pro wrestling circuit.

He was also an actor, appearing in several movies including the 1978 film Paradise Alley with Silvester Stallone.

His final match was in 1992 but he remained connected to the business for years after.

Kiniski died in 2010 at the age of 81.