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Delta throwback: Reupholstering your furniture in the 1970s

The store was Tsawwassen’s first that rebuilt and sold furniture in the latest styles as well as rebuilt furniture for customers
John Hashka in his new store in 1972.

Let’s head back to May 1972 to check out the newest business to open its doors at the Tsawwassen Shopping Centre.

John Hashka opened Upholstery Styling, bringing his many years of upholstery and furniture rebuilding experience.

Visitors to the mall could peer though the showroom window at furniture for sale which looked new but was newly upholstered and rebuilt to the latest trending styles at the time.

Hashka also had a workshop in the back where he would respring and recover furniture with materials of the customer’s own choice.

He said his motto was “we recover anything.”

Some of the other stores at the Tsawwassen Shopping Centre at that time included Gallery 3, House of Robert Beauty Salon, Tsawwassen Cleaners, Highland’s Coffee, Tea & Confectionery Ltd, D & A Décor Plaza, Edwards Sportswear Ltd, Paul Rudolf Jewelry and Petticoat Lane British Wear.