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Delta throwback: The Brownies celebrate

The Girl Guides last year gave the branch a new name
Members of the Brownies in 1964.

Let’s go back to the June 1964 pages of the Optimist to check out the annual Brownie and Girl Guide mother and daughter banquet held at the Vancouver Wireless Station in East Ladner.

Awards were handed out including the Golden Hand Award.

To get that award, members “had to keep their rooms and clothes neat and tidy, be able to cook eggs, bacon and coffee, and to have tried to help their mothers at housework.”

Pictured award winners were Susan Ellis, Wendy Hunter, Cathy Nightingale, Sharron Forberg, Carol Bowers, Valerie McQueen, Jan Pateneau, Gail Boutelier, Leslie-Ann Homes, Karen Hoiland, Karen Muir and Linda Voegler.

Girl Guides of Canada last year announced it was changing the name of its Brownies branch to Embers in an effort to be more inclusive.