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Delta throwback: The old fire hall

The building was later converted into an arts centre
north delta fire hall no. 3 on 84th avenue
A 1968 photo of Fire Hall No. 3.

Here's a throwback from 1968 the pages of the Optimist showing Fire Hall No. 3 on 84 Avenue.

In 2001, the building was repurposed for the Delta Arts Council to become the Fire Hall Arts Centre.

Following a land deal between the City of Delta and a developer a few years ago, the building was demolished and a condo complex was built at the site.

The proceeds from that land sale enabled Delta to construct a new, bigger arts centre next door, costing well over $7 million, adjacent to the North Delta Recreation Centre.

The land deal didn’t entirely cover the cost of the new arts venue, so Delta had to put up $3.1 million.

Having a 120-seat theatre and meeting rooms, the new facility has around 11,000 square feet of space.

Its opening was delayed due to the city finding a number of construction problems that the developer had to rectify.