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Delta to spend almost 600k to replace park washroom

The replacement is part of an overall, long-term plan to replace aging park washroom facilities
ladner lions park washroom
Council last December granted budget approval to capital plan projects for 2022, which included building retrofits, upgrades as well as the replacement of the washroom at Ladner Lions Park.

Delta council this week voted in favour of a staff recommendation to award a $597,671 contract to replace the washroom facility at Ladner Lions Park.

The replacement has been designed with four universal single-occupancy stalls, with accessibility features and robust construction materials to minimize damage from vandalism, a Delta staff report notes.

The condition of Delta’s public washrooms had undergone an assessment by an external consultant retained by the city.

The condition assessment provided information on the life expectancy and/or proposed capital expenditures that may extend the use of the washrooms.

Many of the park washrooms, including seven built around 1972, are too old and require funding to either replace or make capital improvements, a previous Delta staff report noted.

“These older facilities do not have the ventilation systems that are required by today's modern building code. The floors are stained through years of use and emit odours that are embedded in the old concrete flooring. Many of the sites are not accessible for those with mobility limitations,” that report stated.