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Finding time to enjoy the benefits of volunteering

FINDS volunteers
Volunteers (from left) Dana Savage, Jana Wachowski, Rae-Anne Schneider and Esther Onukwulu are shown at FINDS children’s thrift store in Ladner.

Helping others also helps you. Statistics show that volunteering improves your mental health as well as develops your communication, interpersonal and job-related skills.

The Canadian Mental Health Association reports that volunteers often enjoy a sense of belonging and accomplishment that helps with mood. Volunteering can also be a stress reliever and perhaps even lower blood pressure.

Reach Child and Youth Development Society benefits from the work of volunteers on a number of fronts, including those at FINDS children's thrift store in Ladner. Sorting volunteers at the Elliott Street store share why they help and how they find the time: Esther Onukwulu - "I'm retired, so I have lots of time to volunteer and I like to give back to the community."

Jana Wachowski - "My daughter's in school now so it's easy for me to be here sorting. Love to support a great cause: the help Reach gives to children with special needs is worth supporting. FINDS children's thrift store fills a need in the community."

Dana Savage - "I'm passionate about thrifting and so it's a natural place to help out and my efforts feel very much appreciated here. I like to give back and to socialize and I get to do both here and I don't work in the day so I can be here when my youngest is in preschool."

Rae-Anne Schneider - "Volunteering for the free enterprise of a non-profit allows me to give back to the community in a number of ways. The reusing and recycling that goes on at FINDS is also great for the environment."

FINDS store manager Marcia McCafferty welcomes new volunteers. To volunteer at FINDS, email [email protected] or call 604-946-6622 ext. 328.