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Here's how much Delta council got in salary and expenses last year

The report on council pay and expenses will be submitted to the province along with other financial information including, among other things, a statement of Delta’s assets and liabilities
delta bc city council chamber
The Community Charter requires that once a year, in a meeting open to the public, a listing of the remuneration including expense allowance, as well as taxable benefits and expenses received by each member of council must be presented.

The salary of Delta’s mayor and council, as well as employees earning more than $75,000, was recently made public in a report on Delta’s 2021 Statement of Financial Information.

A requirement under the Community Charter, the report includes not only the total amount of remuneration paid to council members for the discharge of their duties of office, but also any amount.

The report outlines council remuneration and expenses for the year ending Dec. 31, 2021.

Mayor George Harvie received $154,264.12 in council remuneration and $16,728 in car allowance, for a total remuneration of $170,992.12. He also received $1,026 in benefits and $875.27 for expenses.

Harvie earned considerably more in total remuneration as city manager in 2017 at $316,318, not including expenses. He ran for mayor and won in 2018.

The latest financial report notes councillors Lois Jackson, Alicia Guichon and Jeannie Kanakos all received $66,644.53 in council remuneration, while Bruce McDonald, Dan Copeland and Dylan Kruger received $65,359.

All the councillors also got $10,368 in car allowance and $441 in benefits.

As far as expenses, they ranged from a low of $95 by Jackson to a high of $743 by McDonald.  

Going back a decade to the 2011 fiscal year, when Jackson was mayor, the mayor's pay stood at $103,032, while her car allowance was $14,328. 

Meantime, most councillors in 2011 made just over $45,700 in council remuneration and almost $8,000 in a car allowance.

The benefits and expenses paid to the mayor and councillors varied widely that year.