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Here's what Delta's school PACs are getting in gaming grants

In addition to PACs and DPACs in B.C. schools, the grants fund human and social services, public safety, environmental conservation, arts and culture and sports
The province says that more than $11 million this year for PAC and DPAC grants is part of the $140 million distributed annually to approximately 5,000 not-for-profit organizations that deliver services.

The B.C. government this week announced its latest Community Gaming Grant’s to more than 1,300 school parent advisory councils (PACs) and district parent advisory councils (DPACs).

Delta school groups received varying amounts.

“Learning, fun and growth also takes place outside the regular school curriculum, and parent advisory councils are key partners in keeping students and their families engaged and connected to those opportunities for enrichment,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs, in a news release. “Community Gaming Grants to PACs and DPACs help fund everything from robotics and photography clubs to playground equipment and chess competitions, strengthening students' lives and building on their school experience.”

More than $11 million in Community Gaming Grants will help PACs and DPACs during the 2022-23 school year, according to the province, adding that each year, schools in the province receive funding through PACs for extracurricular activities that benefit students' well-being and through DPACs for activities that foster parental involvement in schools.

With assistance from the grants, PACs use funding to support a range of activities, such as field trips in B.C., performances, movie nights, school dances and conferences, as well as buying sports equipment. DPACs can use funds for the cost of informational and promotional materials for parents, meeting room rentals, presenter fees and travel for meetings.

According to the province's news release, these are the amounts given to the following Delta school PACs:

Pebble Hill Elementary - $5,340

Sunshine Hills Elementary School P.A.C. - $10,540

Richardson Elementary School PAC - $7,900

Sands Secondary - $13,880

McCloskey Elementary School - $6,280

Gray Elementary School - $10,920

Delview Secondary School - $13,380

Jarvis Traditional School - $8,460

North Delta Senior Secondary - $25,600

Annieville Elementary School - $4,720

Burnsview Secondary School - $17,240

Devon Gardens Elementary - $7,540

Brooke Elementary School - $6,580

Hellings Elementary School - $6,520

Chalmers Elementary School - $9,540

Delta Adult Learning Advisory Committee - $2,000

Immaculate Conception School P.S.G. - $9,160

Heath Elementary School - $5,500

Seaquam Secondary School - $27,920

Cougar Canyon Elementary School - $9,740

Pinewood Elementary - $7,040

Cliff Drive Elementary School - $5,900

Port Guichon Elementary - $3,480

English Bluff Elementary School - $3,960

South Delta Secondary School - $27,080

Neilson Grove Elementary - $4,000

Sacred Heart School - $7,200

Boundary Bay Montessori House - $2,000

Holly Elementary School - $6,920

Delta Secondary School - $23,820

Ladner Elementary - $9,940

Hawthorne Elementary School - $8,760

South Park School - $7,720

District Parent Advisory Council and Parent Advisory Council – Association des parents d’eleves du Bois-joli - $2,000

Southpointe Academy Parents Volunteer Team - $11,900