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Hospital foundation is hoping to collect one million pennies

$10,000 needed to purchase IV pump for complex medical cases

The Canadian penny is being discontinued and the Delta Hospital Foundation wants to get its "two cents worth" before it's gone for good.

The foundation is calling on community members to make their pennies go a long way by dropping off their one cent coins at the foundation office. The pennies collected will go towards the purchase of a Triple Lumen IV Pump for the hospital.

"We're hoping to collect one million pennies because $10,000 is what it would take to purchase a Triple Lumen IV Pump," said Teresa Cooper, executive director of the foundation.

"$10,000 in pennies is still $10,000 dollars."

In complex cases at the hospital, patients might need more than one medication administered at once. The Triple Lumen IV Pump can administer up to three medications at a time with greater flexibility and puts less stress on the patient.

The foundation is located inside Delta Hospital's front entrance at 5800 Mountain View Blvd. For more information on where and when you can drop off your pennies, contact the foundation at 604-940-9695 or email [email protected].

The foundation raises funds to provide access to the best medical services close to home. Since 1988, it has raised over $23 million.