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It’s going to be awhile before Delta South voters will know who the candidates are

Provincial election is Oct. 19
Delta South MLA Ian Paton
Delta South BC United MLA Ian Paton in his office in Ladner.

If an election was held this week, BC United MLA Ian Paton would have an easy ride to a third term to a comfortable seat in the legislature.

Because so far, no other candidates have been named to challenge him in Delta South when the provincial election takes place Oct. 19.

According to BC NDP headquarters, the party currently is focusing on the nomination process for its 56 incumbent candidates who already have seats in the legislature.

None of the NDP associations in ridings it doesn’t hold have requested a nomination date and no candidates have been OK’d to seek those nominations.

Nominations for those ridings will open later this spring.

That could mean the Conservative Party of B.C. will have a candidate in Delta South before the NDP because

the Conservative nomination process is underway and should conclude next month, with more information soon, says executive-director Angelo Isidorou.

The Conservatives and BC United both have candidates named in 39 of 93 ridings.

The Greens of BC have candidates in 11 ridings, with no one yet named in Delta South.

However, its website notes that the Greens increased their share of the vote in the riding by 60 per cent during the 2020 election, compared to the 2017 election, and the riding association has its X and Facebook accounts set up.