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Ladner throwback: Welcome to Cindy's

Cindy’s apologized for not having any jukeboxes but was doing its best supplying piped in music from CHQM
Reservations for Sunday dinner at Cindy’s were not necessary but they asked, ‘If you don’t mind waiting a few moments.’

Let’s head back to June 1965 when the new Cindy’s Restaurant at the Ladner Shopping Centre reportedly already won compliments on its décor and food.

Opened the month prior, the “ultra -modern” eatery had a dining room that seated 30 and featured gold tablecloths and serviettes, as well as a tasteful arrangement of flower set off a mahogany wall separating the dining room from the counter stools and booths.

The main item on the menu was steak, while each week a special businessman’s lunch was 89 cents.

An advertorial in the Optimist noted the name Cindy’s was not a common restaurant name, but one of the finest restaurants in San Francisco was also called Cindy’s.