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New development proposed for 'atrocious' Delta property

The owner is proposing to subdivide the property into five lots where new single-family houses would be built
river road development 11083 River Road Delta
Mayor George Harvie said the proposed development will be a welcome change from what the site currently looks like.

A rezoning and subdivision application to build five houses on a River Road property that is described as currently a garbage dumping ground has moved a step closer to final approval.

Following a public hearing on Aug. 8, council granted third reading for the development application for the property at 11083 River Road to create five bare land strata single-detached residential lots.

The 39,100-square-foot site contains a single-detached dwelling which would be demolished.

Planning staff note there are 32 trees on the property, 18 of which are proposed to be removed for either being in poor condition as well as in conflict with the proposed new building envelopes.

There is also a separate subdivision application on an adjacent lot where several trees are proposed for removal.

At city council’s July 25 regular meeting where the application was discussed and subsequently moved to the public hearing, Coun. Lois Jackson voted in favour but also conveyed dismay at the loss of trees.

She said she wonders if Delta is doing enough to protect trees, especially when it comes to climate change.

Noting he visited the property, Mayor George Harvie said, “It is being used as an illegal dump site and the owner has been trying to block people from going in.”

Harvie also noted there appears to be a dozen dead trees on the site, while others aren’t in good shape.

He added, “My main concern is this area really needs to be developed. It’s being used as an illegal dump site, and it’s atrocious. So, I know that we’ve already contacted the owner again to try to block it off. But they’re just going right through because it’s so isolated from view from River Road itself…the area right now is a real detriment to us in Delta.”

The five new houses would include in-ground basements and secondary suites.