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New owners for Point Roberts golf course

Course will remain closed until next spring as revitalization efforts just getting underway
Closed since last year, the Point Roberts Golf and Country Club needs significant attention before it can re-open for play.

The Point Roberts Golf and Country Club has a new lease on life.

Last week a sale was finalized between former owner Kenji Nose and Bald Eagle Valley Resort Holdings Ltd., a Washington state company.

Bald Eagle’s managing partner Coco Luo, a Richmond resident, will oversee the revitalization of the course with a planned re-opening next spring.

“This course is very important to the people of Point Roberts and when it closed last year, it was a sad situation,” said realtor Wayne Knowles of Cassimar US, who spoke to the Optimist on behalf of Luo.

“But I’m very excited with the new owner. She owns two courses in China, is a passionate and avid golfer. She wants to bring the course back to its original beauty like it was in 2000.”

In January, Nose brought on a new equity partner with plans to revitalize the course, and re-open in May, but that did not work out and the course has remained closed.

“After that partner did not work out, Kenji decided to sell the property,” added Knowles. “Coco appreciates Kenji’s vision and what he tried to do. Kenji has plans to build a sailboat and enjoy his retirement, but he is very happy with Coco and someone who has the financial ability to get done what has to be done.”

Local contractors started work rejuvenating the course this week. The team includes original site superintendent Rick Hoole and Ladner architect Wayne Carleton.

Knowles said the holes will remain the same, but the course needs to be aerated and the greens need to be replaced. The existing clubhouse will also remain, but there are plans to build a new one by the eighth tee box.

“I think the reaction from residents will be very positive,” he said. “Now that we have a new owner who understands golf and knows golf, it’s exciting for the community. It would have been awful for Point Roberts to lose this golf course.”