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New parking option for Delta homeowners

Two permeable boulevard pavement options will be available for homeowners
paving boulevard parking delta bc
Homeowners will be able to pave spots in front of their homes but those spots wouldn't be for their exclusive use.

Delta council on Monday approved a bylaw amendment that will result in more paved boulevard parking throughout the city, allowing homeowners to pave their own street parking spots.

The engineering department notes that increased parking demand has resulted in boulevards being paved by asphalt by homeowners and that the amendment provides a means to control the activity.

Staff recommended two permeable boulevard pavement options including porous pavers and grass pavers.

Parking must be open to the public, for non-commercial vehicles and parallel to the roadway.

Residents who wish to replace grass boulevards with permeable boulevard pavement will be required to submit an application to the City of Delta with the proposed work, while a highway use permit would be issued after a review of the design, payment of an application fee and a deposit.

Improvements will be completed and maintained by property owners.

Existing paved boulevards are to be "grandfathered" and permitted to remain.

In cases of new non-permitted paving, modifications to provide infiltration would be required or else that pavement would have to be removed.

Coun. Lois Jackson was the lone vote against the bylaw amendment, saying it’s a major issue for residential streets, especially many that don’t have sidewalks.

She said the new rules add nothing for pedestrian safety.