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New public plaza coming for prominent Ladner Village corner

The building at the Ladner Village corner was redeveloped a couple of years ago
ladner village plaza development
The theme of the new plaza is to focus on Delta’s historic fishing and farming industries.

The City of Delta recently issued a request for bids for the construction of a new public plaza at a prominent corner in Ladner Village.

The Stokes and Cullis Plaza at the intersection of Ladner Trunk Road and Elliott Street will see several additions including new timber seating, decorative lights, raised planters and electrical work for e‐bikes.

According to the city, it is expected that the contract will be awarded by mid-February with construction anticipated to proceed about a week later.

The city previously awarded a contract for the design, noting it was expected to represent the values and key features of the area.

“This right of way is to be developed into a vibrant public plaza at this prominent location at the entrance to Ladner Village, serving to welcome both residents and visitors alike to the unique setting and experiences. Acknowledgement of the historic fishing and farming industries, which were key aspects to the establishment of the community is desired, along with creation of a recognizable entrance to Ladner Village. The project incorporates public seating and gathering opportunities,” the city explained.

The building was redeveloped a couple of years ago, a project involving demolition of an addition and renovation of the existing commercial structure.

The heritage look was restored to its original look when the building was constructed in 1907.

The city also entered into a statutory right-of-way agreement with the owner, the Lowe family, to allow the development of the plaza over a portion of the property where the building addition was removed.

The Stokes and Cullis building served as a butcher shop under the original owners and then various others until the early 1970s.