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Plate recorded in hit-and-run doesn't match offending car

White Ford strikes parked motorhome, causing $2,000 damage

The following are some of the calls of interest the Delta police department responded to in the South Delta area between Wednesday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 30:


. October 26, 9 p.m., 5500-block of 9th Avenue: While the complainant's vehicle was left in the parking lot of the aquatic centre someone broke into it by drilling out the driver's side door lock. Vehicle rummaged through and a pair of sunglasses stolen.

. October 28, 4: 37 p.m., 1500-block of 56th Street: Complainant reported to police that her vehicle had been struck by a red mini van while she was in the shopping centre parking lot. At the time of the incident information between drivers was exchanged but the police were not called. As a result of an examination at the local hospital, it was discovered the complainant had suffered some physical injuries. Police to follow-up with the driver of the van.

. October 28, 10 p.m., 5200-block of Saratoga Drive: Vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence was entered and rummaged through. Complainant indicated he had likely left his vehicle unlocked.

. October 29, 3 p.m., 1500-block of Duncan Drive: Complainant reported that while he was absent from his home he received a call from a neighbour informing him that his yard had been egged and dog feces had been left on his doorstep. Neighbourhood inquiries by police indicated that guests at a party in the area may have been responsible. No suspects at this time.

. October 29, 8: 19 a.m., 5000-block of Springs Boulevard: Vehicle was left in an underground parking garage, and when owner returned she found the back window was smashed. Complainant's daughter's suitcase, with items valued at $4,000, was stolen. Damage to the vehicle: $2,000. Police also attempting to contact the owner of another vehicle with a California licence plate found in the garage with its window smashed.


. October 29, 11: 05 a.m., 6500-block of Ladner Trunk Road: Complainant reported that while she was in the pub someone had stolen her purse from behind her chair. The purse is described as a red clutch and contained her credit card, CareCard and driver's licence. Information entered on CPIC.

. October 30, 2: 54 p.m., 4700-block of 52A Street: A report was received that a fight was in progress. Police spoke with three males who indicated the fight was a result of an exchange of words with a female who had called in her boyfriend. One of the participants sustained minor injuries. All parties were under the influence of alcohol and indicated the fight was consensual.

. October 30, 5: 13 p.m., 5500-block of 47A Avenue: A report was received that a white Ford had hit a parked motorhome and then sped off. A witness provided a B.C. licence plate number but investigation by police found the plate did not match the suspect vehicle. Damage to the motorhome: $2,000. The incident is still under investigation.

. October 30, 7: 30 p.m., 4600-block of Highway 17: Police received a report that several youth were throwing firecrackers from the overpass. Youth gone on the arrival of police.

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