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Port closing its Ladner community office

The office has been open to the public at the Ladner mall for a decade
The port authority says it wants to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit the office over to talk with the local community team and attend port-related tours and events. Sandor Gyarmati photo

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is closing its community office after a decade in the Trenant Park Square shopping centre in Ladner.

The office will close its doors June 29, the final day of its current lease.

Alex Munro, a senior communications advisor with the port authority told the Optimist that the closure is part of the port’s ongoing efforts to review community relations activities across all 16 of its neighbouring communities.

He said their engagement with the Delta community will continue as part of broader community relations programming, similar to the port’s engagement with fellow port communities such as Vancouver, Surrey and North Vancouver.

The port will continue hosting tours and programming throughout June, and continue to be part of local community events such as the Boundary Bay Airshow in July, the Luminary Festival in September and the Ladner Tree Lighting Festival in November.

When the community office celebrated its opening in October 2014, then port president Robin Sylvester noted it was an opportunity for residents to meet port staff who would provide with information about activities as well as ongoing and planned projects, including the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) project.

The federal government in April 2023 announced that the project had finally been approved, with a lengthy list of conditions attached.

Munro noted the best way to stay informed of upcoming events and programming is to subscribe to the port’s community newsletter at while anyone with questions and feedback can reach the port at 604-665-9004 or email: [email protected].