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Possible swatting call prompts heavy police response to Beach Grove Motel

Incident now being investigated as public mischief
Delta Police uniform
There was a heavy police response at the Beach Grove Motel on Wednesday night.

A possible swatting call prompted a heavy response from Delta Police to the Beach Grove Motel on Wednesday night.

According to Delta Police, the department received a report of a male with a firearm at the motel.

“There were some indicators that the call was a swatting call; however, our officers must respond with a high level of presence in the event the report was genuine,” said Staff/Sgt. James Sandberg. “In this instance, the first officers on scene were able to determine the report was fictitious; however, a significant amount of policing resources did attend. The incident is now under investigation as a public mischief investigation focused on the initial caller.”

Sandberg said swatting calls create increased risk for officers and the public.

“It also creates unnecessary concern for the surrounding community as other citizens may not understand the details of the event,” he said. “Swatting absorbs police resources making those officers involved unavailable for legitimate calls for service. It places unnecessary stress on the people who are subject to the false report. For these reasons, the DPD takes the investigation into public mischief seriously. This too absorbs investigative resources as this investigation will be time consuming.”

Sandberg said the parties present at the motel, while confused, were cooperative with officers, lending to a speedy and safe outcome for all involved.