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Should Delta have more dog waste bins?

Seven park sites currently have the new multi-stream receptacles
The City of Delta notes that diverting waste from the landfill helps reduce greenhouse emissions, ensures recycled materials are repurposed for future uses and dog waste is diverted to a proper water treatment facility. Mark Booth/Delta Optimist

The City of Delta wants to hear from residents what they think about a new waste receptacle program at several local parks.

The survey is to get feedback on the program, which aims to significantly reduce the amount of cross-contamination found in park garbage bins.

The city last summer installed multi-stream receptacles at seven parks, including a receptacle for dog waste. That stream collects pet waste for processing at a wastewater facility with other sewage, instead of ending up in the landfill.

The other containers are for garbage and one for mixed containers for recycling.

The multi-stream receptacles are located at Diefenbaker Park, Delview Park, Dugald Morrison Park, Mackie Park, Memorial Park, North Delta Community Park, and Winskill Park. There are two multi-stream receptacles at each park location.

According to the city, a recent waste characterization study was conducted by the Township of Langley, which indicates that 17 per cent of the materials disposed of at parks are recyclable and 63 per cent are dog waste.

The need to establish a separate stream for dog waste is further emphasized by Metro Vancouver’s Disposal Ban Program, which requires that no more than five per cent of waste taken to the landfill contain pet excrement, the city notes.

The survey is available until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 31. Call 604-946-3293 for more information about the survey and the pilot program.

A final report is to come to council this summer.