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South Delta Crime Beat: Police increasing patrols at Holly Drive four-way stop

Lots of thefts from unlocked vehicles this week
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Files of interest for this week from Delta Police.

The purpose of the Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in-progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.


*March 13, 5300 Block of 3A Avenue: Complainant reported their unlocked vehicle was entered at their residence by unknown persons. Items stolen include a Nexus card, $40 and the garage door opener. The garage was then entered using the opener and multiple items stolen. No entry gained to the residence. Neighbouring surveillance video revealed two individuals in the area trying vehicle door handles. 

*March 13, 4900 Block of 3rd Avenue: Complainant reported their unlocked vehicle parked at their residence was entered overnight. Items stolen include a company pay book and a $200 Home Depot gift card. No damage to vehicle.

*March 13, 5200 Block of 4A Avenue: Complainant reported their unlocked vehicle was entered sometime overnight, the garage door opener and an Amazon Alexa device stolen.  The door opener was used to access the garage, but nothing appeared to be stolen. 

*March 14, 5200 Block of 3rd Avenue: Complainant reported two vehicles parked in their driveway had been entered sometime the previous weekend. Items stolen include a green Gor-tex MEC jacket valued at $500 and a pair of gloves. Complainant confirmed both vehicles left unlocked and neither vehicle sustained any damage.

*March 17, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: A complainant reported a family member had been defrauded of $300 USD. The family member received a call from someone posing as a CIBC advisor indicating a problem with their account. Debit and Visa information was provided to the caller. CIBC informed, the family member’s accounts frozen and new cards issued. Equifax, TransUnion informed of the fraud.

*March 19, 400 Block of 56th Street: Complainant found an Amazon package, which had been left at the door, the contents had been stolen. Amazon was contacted and the item replaced. 

*March 19, 28th Avenue & 56th Street: Complainant reported they had crashed their vehicle into the ditch. Police attended and the complainant indicated they had been consuming alcohol at a wedding reception. The driver provided two breath samples with both reading “Fail” and as a consequence was given a 90-day immediate roadside prohibition and the vehicle impounded. 


*March 15, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: Complainant reported their spouse had received a call from a female “Christina” claiming she worked for the bank and that their accounts had been compromised. The complainant purchased Visa gift cards and deposited a large sum of money into two separate bitcoin machines as instructed by the caller in order to secure the accounts. The fraud still under investigation by police.

*March 17, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: A citizen requested police assistance with a potential identity fraud matter. In 2021, the citizen received information from CRA that someone had used their personal information to fraudulently apply for CERB benefits and believed the incident had been resolved. However, they recently received a letter from CRA asking for banking information and verification of personal information to initiate an investigation. The citizen understandably skeptical, asked for assistance to confirm that the CRA request was actually legitimate.

*March 18, 64th & Holly Park Drive: A citizen reported an ongoing traffic issue with vehicles failing to stop at the four-way stop sign. Police conducted traffic enforcement in the area and observed several traffic violations including failure to stop or rolling through the stop sign without a complete stop. Several citizens stopped by during the traffic enforcement to indicate they are concerned with their safety while walking in the neighbourhood. Police to increase traffic patrols and enforcement in the area.

*March 18, 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: Complainant reported they had received a phone call from a person who claimed to be from the RCMP and advised the complainant that their identity had been compromised in relation to child pornography, illegal gambling, and money laundering. The complainant withdrew $2,000 from their bank and deposited the money in a bitcoin account as instructed by the caller. Banking information not disclosed, but a copy of their driver’s license was provided to caller. Investigation by police proved negative. Complainant advised to contact ICBC and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre regarding the identity theft.

*March 18, 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: Complainant reported they had befriended a person on snapchat, who now was claiming to have intimate images of the complainant and would release the images to their contacts, unless they paid a fee of $500. Complainant confirmed they had sent intimate images to the person, but they did not include faces or anything that might identify the sender. The complainant advised to block the account and not to continue any communication with this person.