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South Delta Crime Beat: Several drivers fined for excessive speed

Several thefts and attempted thefts from vehicles also reported
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Files of interest for this week from Delta Police.

The purpose of the Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in-progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.


*Feb. 6, Highway 17 and 56th Street: A vehicle was stopped after police observed the driver changing lanes and speeding through a green light at 144 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.  The driver was served with a speeding ticket and the vehicle was impounded. Driver left on foot heading to a bus stop.

*Feb. 9, 12th Avenue and 56th Street: Police stopped a vehicle, which was observed rolling through the intersection unsafely. The driver indicated they were having trouble shifting into first gear. Police inspected the vehicle and noted several deficiencies. The driver was issued a notice and order requiring repair of the deficiencies. The license plates were seized and the vehicle was towed to the driver’s residence. No charges or fines.

*Feb. 10, 5000 Block of Canoe Pass Way: A business reported two males attempting to steal clothing. Police were informed one male had boarded a bus and the other walked east by foot through the parking lot. Police stopped the bus and the suspect was arrested along with the stolen goods. The suspect was arrested and transported to Surrey cells for processing.

*Feb. 12, 500 Block of Tralee Crescent: Complainant reported their vehicle had the front passenger side window smashed by a rock while parked in their driveway. A neighbour reported hearing the smash and observing two possible suspects flee the area. Police patrolled the area with negative results. Complainant advised to contact ICBC for repairs.

*Feb. 12, 5000 Block of Canoe Pass Way: Police were approached by mall security indicating a theft was in progress in one of the mall shops. Two suspects identified by surveillance video were arrested and stolen items valued at $225 from several stores located. As the two suspects had no prior shoplifting history they were released without charges and a civil mall ban issued.

*Feb. 12, 400 Block of 56th Street: Police conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle which was observed swerving and crossing the middle yellow line. The driver admitted to drinking a glass of wine earlier in the day and provided the police with two breath samples. As a result the driver was issued a 12-hour driving suspension and a ticket for driving contrary to a class 7 restriction. The vehicle was parked legally and the driver surrendered their driver’s license


*Feb. 6, 3000 Block of Highway 17: Police observed a vehicle approaching them in their rear view mirror at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was stopped with a radar speed recorded at 150 km/h in an 80 km/h zone. The driver was charged with driving at an excessive speed and the vehicle impounded.  

*Feb. 10, 5300 Block Bentley Cres: Complainant reported their work van had the driver and passenger doors and ignition punched out in an attempt to steal the vehicle sometime between Feb. 7 and 10. Repairs to the vehicle approximately $2,500. Surveillance video canvass of the area completed with negative results. File number provided for insurance purposes.

*Feb. 10, 3800 Block of Highway 17: A vehicle was clocked by radar travelling at 157 km/h. The driver issued with a seven-day impoundment and given a ticket for driving at an excessive speed. The driver left the area by taxi.

*Feb. 10, 7500 Block of Highway 17: Police clocked a vehicle speeding at 134 km/h in an 80 km/h zone. The vehicle was stopped and the driver charged with driving at an excessive speed and issued with a speeding ticket. The vehicle was impounded and the driver left the area by taxi.