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Speeding drivers are taking toll

Family living on tsawwassen's 56th street has lost two cats in the last two months

A Tsawwassen woman is voicing concerns about drivers speeding along the community's main thoroughfare.

Chrystal White has lived in a duplex at 56th Street and 4th Avenue for four years and the number of drivers speeding up and down the street has been a constant concern for the single mother of two. It came to a head after speeding cars killed two of the family's cats in the last two months.

"I've got a pet cemetery in the backyard now," White said.

Most recently, her 12-year-old daughter's cat was killed while the pair was in the front yard.

White said she was watering her garden when they heard a car screech to a stop. Her daughter looked to see what happened and saw people crouched over the cat.

She tried to check on the one-year-old cat but the people would not let her near it so she ran to get her mother. White said she went out and picked up the cat, which had already died.

Just two months earlier, a second family cat was hit. White that in that case the driver didn't even stop.

"I ran out there and she was dead," White said, adding her cats were all barn cats from her mother's Saskatchewan farm and are not used to being kept indoors all the time.

"They were born and raised outside."

White said since the most recent incident she has tried to keep the remaining cat inside.

"They're using this as a freeway," she said of cars going to and from the Point Roberts border crossing, adding it appears that many vehicles are traveling well in excess of the 50 km/h speed limit.

"It's atrocious." Delta police spokesperson Sgt. Ciaran Feenan said the road has been identified as one of the department's "constant enforcement areas."

"We've become aware that it might have some issues with speeding," he said, adding officers were out at that location four times in the last week looking for speeders.

"They really focused on it over the past week... It's one of our strategic goals and it has been to have the safest roads in British Columbia."