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Traffic signal, crosswalk projects taking place at various sites in Delta

The latest project out for tender is also to be completed this year
A number of Delta sites have been identified for traffic signal improvements, new traffic lights or crosswalks. A new traffic signal was added this year on Scott Road fronting Scottsdale Centre

The City of Delta has issued a request for bids for the construction of a new traffic signal at the intersection of River and Berg roads.

Construction of the project, which also includes upgraded street lighting and crosswalks, is to commence as soon as possible after the contract is awarded at the end of November.

Work is underway, or scheduled to soon commence, meanwhile, on a series of intersection improvements across Delta.

Those sites include Cliveden Avenue at Eaton Way, 10 Avenue at 53A Street, 48 Avenue at Bridge and Garry streets, 75A Avenue at 115 Street, 112 Street near Devon Gardens Elementary School, 1 Avenue at 55A Street, Arthur Drive near Sacred Heart Elementary School, as well as Ferry Road at River Road.

Part of the city’s Crosswalk, Streetlight and Traffic Signal Improvements Project, the upgrades include construction of crosswalks and traffic lights to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility.

Safety measures are also planned for the intersection of 47A Avenue at Garry Street. That plan includes converting the existing two-way stop at that intersection to a four-way stop, as well as installing temporary curb extensions.

The city this year also issued a request for bids for the design and construction inspection services for four more crosswalk improvements and two traffic signal improvements.

The crosswalk improvements will be located at 6 Avenue at Milsom Wynd and 62 Street at Holly Park Drive, 112 Street at 88 Avenue, while a new crosswalk will be added for Nicholson Road at Chateau Wynd.

The traffic signal improvements are coming to 12 Avenue at Ferguson and Hunter roads as well as 116 Street and 75A Avenue.

A number of other sites are eyed for eventual crosswalk or traffic signal upgrades as part of local roadway improvement projects including at 3 Avenue in Boundary Bay.

Elsewhere, in North Delta, a new traffic light went into operation this summer on Scott Road between 70 and 72 avenues. The City of Delta, in partnership with the City of Surrey, added the safety measure as part of an overall safety improvement plan for the corridor.