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Two vying to be next Tsawwassen First Nation Chief

The election will be held Oct. 15
Tsawwassen First Nation
Only TFN members can choose the First Nation’s next Chief as well as the Legislature.

Tsawwassen First Nation members will have two candidates to choose from for Chief and 20 for the Legislature in their upcoming civic election.

Following last week’s deadline for candidates to file, Laura Cassidy and Sheila Williams will be on the ballot for the position of Chief. It would be the first time either would hold the position.

Valerie Cross is currently Acting Chief, recently appointed following the passing of Chief Ken Baird.

Cross will be running for the Legislature, while Cassidy’s name will also be on the ballot for Legislator.

Also running for the Legislature are Maryanne Adams, Louise Ahlm, Coral Baird, Mike Baird, Simon Baird, Taylor Baker, Melinda Cassidy, Isabella Corbet, Kathy George, Trent George, Amy Lachance, Jessica McCauley, Terri Ann Splockton, Steven Stark, Bryce Williams, Dawn Williams, Loretta Williams and Tia Williams.

The election will be held Oct. 15, the same day that other B.C. municipalities hold their civic elections.

TFN members will select one Chief and 13 Legislators to form the Tsawwassen Government.

Only TFN members can vote in the government elections. Non-members who reside on the First Nation cannot vote for Chief. Members and non-members are able to vote for candidates for the Delta School Board, however.

Following the General Election, members of the Legislature will choose their Squiqel (Speaker), who is responsible for chairing meetings, maintaining order and ensuring that Legislators have a fair opportunity to speak.

The TFN’s Executive Council will also be determined following the election. It is made up of the four Legislators receiving the highest number of votes in the election as well as the Chief.

The Tsawwassen Government includes a number of statutory bodies including the Consultation Committee, which is comprised of non-member leaseholders who represent the major leasehold interests on Tsawwassen Lands.