Kids in the Hall

Episode 28: Warning: Graphic Content - Maple Leaf Zombies - A free zombie web novels for fans of online horror fiction

Hey, remember that group of kids holding up in the high school? You know, the ones who kept quiet when Julia thought she saw someone milling around in there? You can argue it’s a good thing they never agreed to hook up with Julia and the rest of her group, considering the bloody fate that awaited her. So, they let the grownups depart, believing they were just fine waiting it out there. More importantly, they believed nobody else could be trusted and that they had to stick together no matter what. It’s all just about their group now. Fine. It’s actually a common theme nowadays with a lot of other little groups of survivors huddled together and fearful of others. Oh, by the way, this also happens to be the school where that girl Laila, whom we mentioned before, is hunkered down. Here’s a brief glimpse into what happened to those young people not long afterward.

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