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Community Comment: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I hadn’t put up my Christmas lights yet
Christmas lights
Columnist Brad Sherwin says he finally has his Christmas lights up to the delight of his fellow neighbours.

It started slowly in my neighbourhood. Then more and more neighbours joined in. It seemed a bit early to me, and before I knew it, I was left behind. My neighbours started commenting. I was conspicuous by my absence.

I hadn’t put up my Christmas lights yet.
My street gets quite lit up during the holidays. We don’t have any of those homes that show up in the paper as a must-see location, but the whole street gets lit up like a nighttime Disney parade. Until you get to my house.

I finally dragged out my box of lights and, sure enough, half of the strings don’t work. One lousy burnt-out bulb and the whole works quit. So off to the store to get a new string – LED’s this time. I’m never checking a bulb again.

What’s fun about these lights is they can be adjusted – they flash, they fade, they twinkle, they dance! It was all fun until I realized they also keep me awake at night. Sorry all you fancy settings, I’ll be sticking with the tried and true ‘static’ mode.

I’m lucky, my house has a roof I can walk on to install on the second level. I don’t need a series of ladders and staple guns like Clark Griswold to set up my lights. I’m also fortunate I don’t have to do this in the snow. If that was the case, they’d just stay up all year.

While I’m up stringing my lights, I hear a voice. My neighbour is also on his roof with his lights. He’s much more meticulous than I am. He has clips, all the lights are evenly spaced. His place looks great.

Mine? Well, at least it isn’t dark anymore.

Now, where did I store that tree?

Brad Sherwin, MBA is a long-time resident of South Delta, and has over 30 years’ experience in marketing, public relations’, and business strategy. He teaches post-secondary marketing, coaches hockey goalies and is past president of Deltassist.