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Community Comment: Need for housing never greater

I wonder how any follow through in Delta on these provincial policy suggestions will pan out?
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Housing in South Delta.

I think that we can all agree that the two most important things needed for our existence as humans, is food and shelter.

I believe that it is contingent on the three levels of government to collaborate on ensuring that these two pillars of life are adequately addressed and accessible for all citizens.

Unfortunately, on the housing front, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a disturbing comment last month in front of a lectern that read, “Building More Homes Faster.”

Trudeau uttered this vastly disappointing statement, “I’ll be blunt…housing is not a primary federal responsibility, it’s not something that we have direct carriage of.”

The irony is that his father was actually a leader in the development of social housing programs back in the day. Trudeau the elder was responsible for building thousands and thousands of rental housing units in the 70’s.

For our Prime Minister to suggest that the federal government should not address this critical issue is appalling, especially after 10 years of pro housing messaging, which actually got him elected in the first place.

Provincially, Premier David Eby announced in April that the provincial government would be spending $12 billion over the next decade. The British Columbia government will invest billions of dollars to ease a housing “crisis that is touching people in every corner of the province,” said Eby.

As part of the plan, Housing Minister and Delta North MLA Ravi Kahlon said the government will introduce provincial legislation this fall to allow three to four homes on a traditional single-family detached lot with additional density permitted in areas well served by transit.

The Union of BC Municipalities are reviewing these suggested policy moves and are consulting within its membership.

I wonder how any follow through in Delta on these provincial policy suggestions will pan out?

While council seems to be moving quickly on zoning changes and increased housing options in North Delta, South Delta seems to be stuck in a time warp.

I hope we can all show some empathy for people who need housing choice if development opportunities arise in the south.