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Community Comment: Public feedback needed in ag plan review

Let’s make sure that our proud agricultural history has a bright future
delta agricultural plan
The consultant is to identify current issues for Delta’s farm industry and recommend key actions for the municipality to take to support and strengthen the long term viability of agriculture.

A couple of weeks ago, Delta’s Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC), was given an update on the framework for the revision of Delta’s Agricultural Plan, last published in 2011. This was the first of four meetings with the AAC.

Much has happened since then in Delta’s farming community and best efforts will be made to ensure that Delta has a robust and practical plan to facilitate best practices moving forward in challenging times.

Ione Smith, principal of Upland Consulting who is preparing the revision, laid out the extensive plan for the work ahead, which is expected to be completed this summer.

We discussed a general review of the agricultural sector, trends in the Delta landscape, and the biophysical characteristics of Delta encompassing soil, water supply, weather, climate and the general capability of the land base.

Further meetings from March to July will see the development of the draft plan and revisions to the draft plan after meeting number three with the AAC in preparation for a presentation to council.

Upland provided an assessment of current issues, which number at a dozen give or take.

Some of the prevailing issues in Delta are processing and agri-tech, farm labour needs, farm worker accommodation, education, urban/rural interface issues and several others.

Upland will initiate an engagement plan with stakeholders and the community and it is expected that a draft survey of agricultural issues will be provided to mayor and council and the AAC within a week or so.

This survey will be live online sometime in February and there will also be a virtual town hall discussion in March for the public to discuss the agricultural plan update.

The public is encouraged to add as much feedback as possible so that a comprehensive voice amongst the citizens of Delta can be meaningfully woven in to our collective understanding of agricultural issues in Delta.

This is your chance to get involved in a very important undertaking. Perhaps you have food security concerns? Maybe you have questions relating to the ALR or farm noises. Would you like to see more food processing capability in Delta?

Upland Consulting and the AAC welcomes your input leading up to the survey and the town hall meeting. Please feel free to add your voice. You can email Upland Consulting directly at

Let’s make sure that our proud agricultural history has a bright future.