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Editorial: Change is not a bad thing

Change is inevitable and some in our community need to start realizing that
Delta Mayor George Harvie speaks at the Mayor's Economic Breakfast on April 5 as Delta North MLA and Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon looks on.

Delta is in the process of updating its Official Community Plan (OCP), a plan that has not seen significant changes for decades.

Some in our community have been very vocal and outspoken on social media, calling out city council for rushing the process, not engaging with its residents enough and simply not listening.

According to the draft OCP document released by the city, 2,234 residents participated in open houses, provided comments, and wrote letters. A resident copied me on an email he sent to council where he stated that Delta must slow down the process and get more residents engaged. Did this resident ever stop to think that residents are in fact engaged and many are happy with the process and that the engagement does in fact reflect this?

The draft OCP received two readings on Monday setting the stage for a public hearing. I hope, if you have an opinion (good or bad) on the OCP, that you attend and voice that opinion.

In the past month, I have attended several community events – including the Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association annual general meeting.

Every business owner I have spoken with is urging the city to get on with things. They want to see more housing options, more people, more growth, and more business opportunities. They want to see the Town Centre Mall redevelopment happen as quickly as possible. They want to see a reimagined town core filled with economic opportunities because in their world, more economic opportunities are just good for their business.

Housing Minister and North Delta MLA Ravi Kahlon spoke at the Mayor’s Economic Breakfast last Friday and was certainly encouraged by where Delta is at with its OCP process. He reiterated as much in a follow-up interview with me on Monday.

He stated that what we have been doing for a long time is not working and we have to do things differently.

Change is inevitable and some in our community need to start realizing that.