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Editorial: Philanthropic spirit shines bright

A pair of recent gala events will support a lot of kids in Delta
The Delta Firefighters created quite a welcome for guests of the inaugural Mayor’s Charity Ball on Saturday night, May 4 at the Cascades Casino Delta. Dekko U Studio Photography

It’s not even Christmas, but the season of giving appears to have started early this year in South Delta.

Over the past few weeks, several galas and events have been held to support vital work and programs that will improve the lives of so many in our community.

Support continues to come in from all walks of life and organizations to the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation’s ‘Coming Home’ campaign to build the new Beadie Long Term Care Centre.

Another major donation of $1 million was announced last week courtesy of the Delta Agricultural Society.

On April 27, at Tsawwassen Springs, $53,000 was raised at the annual Gift of Sport KidSport Gala.

The need continues to grow as financial challenges for many prevents parents from getting their children involved in sports – a barrier that will now be overcome thanks to the generosity of sponsors and donors who supported this wonderful cause and the amazing work that Kidsport Delta does.

And last Saturday at the Delta Cascades Casino, the Delta Firefighters Charitable Society hosted the inaugural Mayor’s Charity Ball in support of the firefighter’s healthy snack program.

A fundraising total is still in the works, but I’m told that $600,000 or more may have been raised thanks to the support of many business sponsors, and the community who bought tickets to support this wonderful cause.

It takes the whole community – business leaders, community members and the event organizers themselves to all come together to raise awareness and funding to ensure that these charitable organizations thrive and meet their goals of helping as many people as possible.

In the case of the Delta Firefighters and KidSport, both are helping to ensure that our children – our future leaders all have a chance to be healthier and happier with full tummies when they go to school and active in sports and play.

I can’t think of two more wonderful things to support than that.