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Editorial: The winds of change

In the past few weeks, the municipal election picture has started to come together.
voting ballot boxes pixabay image
We have a few declared candidates for October's municipal election.

The winds of change will be blowing in Delta this October.

How hard they will be blowing is still in some doubt however.

In the past few weeks, the municipal election picture has started to come together.

Incumbent mayor George Harvie is seeking re-election under his Achieving for Delta banner. Alongside him will be two incumbent councillors – Dylan Kruger and Alicia Guichon. But the other four current members of council, Lois Jackson, Jeannie Kanakos, Bruce McDonald and Dan Copeland are all retiring from Delta politics. This sets the stage for a vastly different looking council table for the first time in years.

Will Harvie’s other council candidates fill these spots and take a council seat for the first time, or will other candidates step forward? So far there have been no takers and no one has come forward to take a run at Harvie and the mayor’s chair. Will Harvie run unopposed and be acclaimed? All big questions that have yet to be answered.

The Delta School board will also see some changes, as one trustee, Laura Dixon has announced she will be retiring, while current trustees Daniel Boisvert and Jessie Dosanjh are taking a run at council seats under the Achieving for Delta banner.

Current board chair Val Windsor and incumbent trustee Erica Beard are seeking re-election, while incumbents Bruce Reid and Nick Kanankos are joining forces seeking another term.

So that means at least three new faces will be on the school board following the election.

Again, other than the incumbents and the Achieving for Delta team, no other names have come forward for school trustee.

Is there just no interest in running? Do the residents of Delta not care about municipal or education issues and have no interest in bringing their views to the table?

It is still early days. A few weeks ago I wrote about how the municipal election is so far starting at a turtle’s pace. The turtle is picking up a bit of speed in terms of candidates, but it’s still not what I expected at this point.