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Editorial: Time to rally for Delta

If you care about the future of Delta get out there and voice your concerns.
2022 proposed delta federal electoral boundary changes
The growth in population in the province, including communities east of Delta, prompted a proposed revision that could result in new-look federal electoral boundaries.

Three MPs and likely a major loss of direct representation is the scenario facing this community if new federal election boundaries are approved.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for British Columbia has proposed a new electoral map for consideration at public hearings this spring and fall.

On the table is a divided up Delta that would see Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta below 72 Avenue join part of Surrey, extending all the way to King George Highway.

Another part of North Delta would be lumped into Surrey as part of a Surrey riding, while another area of North Delta and the River House area of Ladner would join a newly reconfigured Richmond East.

With all due respect to the Commission, this is a horrible proposal.

We all have chosen to live in Delta for a reason – we want to be a part of Delta and this wonderful community.

I live in North Delta. I pay taxes in Delta and I care about the issues that affect me and my fellow Deltans. If I wanted to live in Richmond or Surrey I would have chosen to live in Richmond or Surrey.

I want my representative in Ottawa to be from Delta and is someone who cares about Delta and its issues. Under this plan, we would have three MPs trying to serve the riding with parts of North Delta and Ladner under the watch of an MP elected in Surrey and Richmond. Do you think those MPs will care about what a few residents in Delta think? I doubt it.

Recent letters to the editor and an online poll are very clear what many in Delta think of these proposed changes – they are not good or wanted.

On June 9, at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn, is the first of many public hearings on this subject.

If you care about the future of Delta get out there and voice your concerns.

It’s time to rally for Delta.