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Greenhouse fears hardly put to rest

Editor: Re: Greenhouse fear has been put to rest, letter to the editor, Oct.


Re: Greenhouse fear has been put to rest, letter to the editor, Oct. 12

Peter Malim is correct in saying that, so long as the Southlands is not in the ALR, The Farm Practices Protection Act does not apply and Delta is "able to prevent greenhouses from being built there," subject only to Delta being sued by the landowner.

He suggests this ends the matter and puts to rest the fear that greenhouses might be built on the Southlands.

He does not, however, mention what might happen if the land was voluntarily put into the ALR.

If Century Group's ability to develop its land is frustrated, it will have no alternative but to put the land to its highest and best use within the agricultural designation. If that occurs, how long do you think it will take Century Group to voluntarily surrender the Southlands to the ALR? I suggest about five minutes.

What do you then suppose will happen to the idea that greenhouses will never be built on the Southlands?

There are several sophisticated greenhouse operators actively searching for land to lease to expand operations. Why? Because greenhouses cover approximately two per cent of farmland in Delta and produce approximately 70 per cent of Delta's farming revenue.

It was only last spring when Malim, and the entire Southlands the Facts crew, vocally supported mayor and council's ALR inclusion application for the Southlands. Wouldn't it be ironic if, at the next ALR inclusion application, they had to vocally oppose it?

Thanks for putting the fear of industrial agriculture on the Southlands to rest.

Douglas Bolen