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HST is good for business and the rest of us too

Editor: Re: Debate over B.C.


Re: Debate over B.C.'s HST: Is it a case of stickmen or stick up?, Community Comment, July 8

With all due respect to Ian Robertson, many of us taxpayers are getting a little bored with the constant harping of Bill Vander Zalm and Fight HST's only real argument against the HST: the sneaky way it was introduced.

Many of us realize that taxation, with representation, is the only way to keep this place "the best in the world."

In case he has not seen them (contrary to their constant cries about the government's huge spending on advertising, the "YES" campaign is everywhere).

As a non-politicking citizen with pension only income living in a mortgaged apartment, I say to the no-matter-what-tax haters, get a life and vote with your brains. We have the best of both worlds: capitalism with socialist benefits.

The HST is good for business, good for our benefits (such as health care) and consequently is good for us.

As far as I know, there isn't another developed country in the world with double taxation.

N. Spiros