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Letters: An open letter to misguided dog walkers

Take your dog poop home with you.
Dog poop bag
Take your dog poop with you when out walking says this letter writer.


Recently I witnessed a dog walker attempt to deposit their dog’s waste into my garbage can at the end of my driveway on waste pick-up day. Fortunately, I was at my open window, and you clearly heard me utter the words, “Don’t even think about it!”

Without looking up you diverted from your chosen task and kept walking, only to leave your offering in the yard waste bag of my neighbour across the street. I’m certain that the green waste bags are not supposed to contain plastic or animal feces, not to mention the utter rudeness of leaving your dog’s morning constitution in a stranger’s bin!

This kind of thing happens far too often, perhaps by the same people who get confused by the words “on-leash” and “off-leash.”

You all know who you are. Please take your dog poop home with you.

Heidi Surman