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Letters: ArriveCan app was a disaster for Point Roberts

Point Roberts remains economically devastated
Point Roberts chamber
The welcome sign in Point Roberts.


I submit that this ArriveCan bankrupted Point Roberts, in addition to being ineffective and expensive.

To require Canadians, who owned houses in Point Roberts, to be required to COVID test on their return to Canada, stopped them from coming.

It took us three days here to test people. You took the swab, and then transported it to the testing lab in Bellingham. When the results were ready, you went back and picked up results, called the person in and announced results. People just wanted to come to winterize their home and could not afford a three to four-day interruption in their lives. Disaster at every level and it changed peoples lives and habits regarding visiting Point Roberts to this day.

We remain economically devastated with border crossings remaining 35 per cent down from pre-COVID and 70 per cent of those are 15-minute visits for gas.

Unfortunately, no solution or assistance is in sight.

Brian Calder